Point of Life

1706 East Wade Hampton Blvd.
Duncan, SC - South Carolina   29334
t. 864.426.4933

Point of Life Church is a brand new church conveniently located on East Wade Hampton Blvd. in Duncan, SC just minutes away from I-85 and I-26, and Highways 101,14, and 290.

The general consensus seems to be, for the most part, that even though the church is good it’s not necessary. Many even perceive the church to be hypocritical or judgmental or both. 

The rise of liberalism has borne a new, younger society that is skeptical of Christianity, if not hostile toward it. The result of these current attitudes toward the church has had a negative impact (to say the least) on the spiritual climate of our nation, our communities, and on our families.

Point of Life holds as one of its missions the restoring of faith and trust in the church among this current Millenial generation.

We know, that given today’s spiritual climate, that this task will not be simple. However, we want to establish a strong, healthy church - one that is rooted in faith - biblically literate - and capable of making a real, significant impact in this community and beyond for the Kingdom of God.

We understand that none of this will be possible without God, because without Him our efforts are futile; therefore, we are prayerfully seeking His help in sending to us laborers who will join us in carrying out this mission of faith. We are asking you to support us in spreading the word to anyone who you think could be served through our ministry and to join with us in our prayer for God to send us much needed help.

If you can see yourself in this vision, we want to extend to you the opportunity of becoming a part of what God is doing right here, right now at the Point of Life Missionary Church.



Unfortunately, all churches get painted with the broad brush of people's past experiences.