Point of Life

1706 East Wade Hampton Blvd.
Duncan, SC - South Carolina   29334
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Leaning - Learning - Leading

Every ministry program of the Point of Life Church is designed around bringing people together. Living the life of faith is not easy, and the good news is that we don't have to do it alone. God has given to us the priceless gift of the church where we can lean upon each other - we can learn together - and as we grow together, we can help lead others to Christ.

LEANING - The unity of the church family provides us with strength, support, and genuine love during the hard times, and it surrounds us with the spirit of joyful celebration in the good times.  

LEARNING – Growing in our knowledge of God and His word is an ongoing process that the church has the joy of doing together. The purpose of the ministries in the church is to bring us all to the unity of the faith and to establish us together in the full knowledge of the truth. This knowledge equips us to be successful in our Christian walk and service to God.

LEADING – Standing together in the strong unity of the faith enables us as a church to effectively help and lead others to Christ in our homes and in our communities. 

We want to invite and encourage you to be a part of what God is doing right here, right now at the Point of Life Church!